About Us

We have come a long way before DDistillers was born. starting from a simple thought about unmanaged natural resources around us which actually have high value and seeing the lack of welfare of the surrounding community. We grow over time to focus on our environment sustainability, and through our holding company PT. Syailendra Bumi Investama, we have succeeded in creating a variety of essential oil products for industries that are needed today.

We create pure essential oils and ensure their availability in a sustainable manner because we also cultivate existing resources through farmer groups who are members of our company.

Until now, DDistillers is exist to support your journey whether to get to know, learn, make purchases or even find new ways to use essential oils. We connect you to nature and increase your horizons to get the most from Indonesia's natural resources.
Hopefully our presence will further improve the quality and quantity of our production to participate in providing quality essential oils for industries around the world.

Our Founder
Eliest Listiani, a woman born in Brebes, Central Java, was born on November 15, 1979. She has had decades of experience serving a non-profit organization, namely Spek-HAM (Solidaritas Keman Manusia & Human Rights). Her career started from a volunteer to serving as director of a foundation and director of BUMY (Foundation-Owned Enterprises).

She is concern in rural economic programs for sustainable livelihoods (sustainable livehood). The important point of Eliest's social enterprise was that in 2014, She saw a large expanse of unproductive land. Then Eliest and her team worked hard to do research and were recognized as essential plants that could grow all year round. Then Eliest and ther team trained farmers to cultivate critical land into land ready for planting with compost treatment.

In 2018 She decided to officially a company PT. Syailendra Bumi Investama which is located at Jl. Dahlia Raya No.44 Perum Bumi Wonorejo Indah, Wonorejo, Gondangrejo, Karanganyar, Central Java. PT. Syailendra Bumi Investama is a Holding Company of DDistillers.

Corporate social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is part of our business ethics which continues to be our guiding principle. DDistillers provides a significant and sustainable contribution to society through various small and medium industry trainings. This integrated service is a manifestation of our passion in advancing the Indonesian economy. So that the steps we are taking are not only being a supplier of raw materials, but also providing equipment, training for downstream products, to assisting them in accessing business legality and product egalities. The service has a goal so that more people become independent. The more independent people there are, the more job opportunities are opened and in the future it can help significantly reduce unemployment, especially around our company where we stand.

In addition, we also realize corporate social responsibility through the establishment of a green gold cooperative consisting of farmers who produce essential oils, producers of essential oil products to producers of supporting materials and tools. We run this cooperative in accordance with the principles of democratic, open, fair, and independent management so that more of our stakeholders can meet their respective needs.