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Gudang Karanganyar

*) Repel termites
*) Antioxidant properties
*) Clears the mind
*) Improve memory memory
*) Increases overall energy

Never ingest essential oils and remember to dilute them with an appropriate carrier oil. Avoid using on sensitive areas. It is not recommended for direct use to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

Our Calamus essential oil is steam distilled from the finest Calamus plant grown near the ancient perfume city of Kannauj, India. Calamus oil has been used for thousands of years as a fixative and base note in natural fragrances that combine unique woody and slightly earthy notes with a variety of other oils. Calamus oil contains a compound called asarone which has been shown in several studies to exhibit toxic properties, we recommend caution when using Calamus oil. It should not be used by pregnant women, or children under 5 years of age and should always be properly diluted before applying to the skin.

Source of Material
Main Content
Level of note
Blend well
Downstream product application

Aromatherapy, termite repellent spray oil.

Shelf Life

5 Years

Storage instructions
Allergies and general precautions

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