Citronella Ceylon Oil / Minyak Sereh Wangi Aster | Cymbopogon Nardus

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Gudang Karanganyar

Never ingest essential oils and remember to dilute them with a carrier oil. Keep away from heat, fire and flammable objects

Benefit :
- Natural fragrance
- Reduce stress
- Natural skin care
- Natural kitchen cleaner
- Relaxes muscle spasms
- Natural insect repellent
- Natural shampoo and conditioner
- Soothe pets
- Helps detoxify the liver, stomach and intestines

Citronella Ceylon Oil

Brand: DDistillers

Botanical name: Cymbopogon/Andropogon Nardus Ceylon de Jong

INCI name: Cymbopogon nardus (citronella) oil

Product Category: Single essential oil, purity: 100%

Product code: BA01811-CCY

Barcodes: -

HS Code: 33012930

CAS#: 8000-29-1

FEMA#: 2308

Halal certificate: --

Export documents: COA, PS, MSDS

Notes: Top notes

Shelf life: 5 years


Planting: Lemongrass plants are propagated vegetatively, namely by saplings, fragrant lemongrass can be planted without processing it first, and planting is best during the rainy season.

Extraction method: Steam Distilled

Source of ingredients: Fragrant citronella leaves

Main components: Citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol

Colour: Colorless to pale yellow, gradually reddish to brown

Aroma: Characteristic grassy smell of Citronella

Solubility: soluble in alcohol and oil, insoluble in water

Good blends: bergamot, lemon, citrus, rose, cajuput, lavender, and carrier oils (avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.)

Origin of oil: Indonesia

Variant: Citronella ceylon

Downstream Products: Aromatherapy, natural perfumery, toiletries, natural cosmetics, herbal pharmacy, body/skin care, and others

Volume: 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 2L and 5 L


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Lemongrass (Cymbopogon nardus) is a type of grass from the order Graminales which is typical of tropical regions of Asia. C. nardus is perennial (always grows throughout the year). C. nardus is very well known as a spice in Asian cuisine (especially in Thai and Indonesian cuisine), but it can also be brewed into a herbal tea with a distinctive lemon aroma. Fragrant citronella can also be made into citronella oil which has beneficial properties such as anti-mosquito, anti-fungal, antibacterial, larvicidal, anti-inflammatory, aromatic, antipyretic (can relieve fever and headaches), antispasmodic (acts as a muscle relaxer). ), and can be used for cleaning agents. In the Caribbean and India, citronella is the main ingredient in traditional medicines to relieve fever, external pain, and arthritis. Lemongrass leaves are also a good source of cellulose for making paper and cardboard.

Fragrant citronella oil is a mainstay commodity of essential oils in the agribusiness sector which has a good market and is highly competitive in foreign markets. In the world of trade, Citronella Oil, known as Citronella Oil, consists of two types, namely the Ceylon type from the Cymbopogon nardus (Ceylon citronella) plant and the Javanese type from the Cymbopogon winteratus (Java citronella) plant. Lemongrass is harvested for the first time at the age of 6 months and then every 3 months. Lemongrass leaves and stems, which can be distilled into oil, have many benefits that can be used as a basis for making perfumes, antiseptics, cosmetics, medicines, food or beverage flavors and others.

Source of Material
Main Content
Level of note
Blend well

Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Cadarwood, Bergamot, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Geranium.

Downstream product application

Pharmaceutical drugs, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic ingredients and beauty products, Body and hair care products, Cleaners and air fresheners.

Shelf Life

5 Years

Storage instructions
Allergies and general precautions

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