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The flavonoids in clove oil have anti-inflammatory agents, these anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce inflammation and also have a cooling effec

Clove oil is used in industry for the manufacture of dental medicine, flavoring, perfume, as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-insect. Clove oil can also be used as an anesthetic to replace cyanide fish so that catching live fish can be more environmentally friendly.
A study conducted by Kuwait University found that clove oil has the same effectiveness as benzocaine as a pain reliever in the mouth.
? Used as base oil in shampoo making
? Used as an ingredient in making skincare, especially facial acne
? Used as a fragrance and germicidal component in tooth preparation.
? Used as a fragrance and health ingredient in toothpaste, soap, massage oil, toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes.
? Used as a flavoring agent in food, alcohol and soft drinks.
? Used in diffusers, perfumes, detergents, incense, aromatherapy and air fresheners for its herbal aroma
? Helps relieve thrush
? Helps relieve arthritis, and toothache.
? Effectively cure bronchitis, asthma, flu, and colds.
? Reduce bad breath
? offers green undertones in perfumes.
? Flavoring in food, alcohol and soft drinks.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace prescribed medication or professional medical advice or to diagnose any kind of health condition.
Never ingest essential oils and remember to dilute them with a suitable carrier oil such as Jojoba oil or coconut oil. This is due to the fact that organic and pure essential oils are highly concentrated liquids and direct use of essential oils on the skin can cause allergic reactions. Caution should be taken if you are a nursing or pregnant mother. Keep out of reach of children.
Talk to your healthcare practitioner before selecting an essential oil that is appropriate for your state of health and unique individual constitution.

Sertifikat Halal: 15240067741220

Dokumen Ekspor: COO, COA, GCMS, MSDS, Phitosanitary, CITES

Clove oil is one type of essential oil that can be obtained from parts of the clove plant. The oil content in clove leaves ranges from 2-3%. Clove leaf oil has quite a variety of uses, not only for massage oil, but also for cosmetics, food and beverage ingredients, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, even as explosives and shuttle oil. Clove contains essential oils (eugenol, caryophyllene, furfural, vanillin, methyl salicylate, pyrocatechol, methyl ketone, & valeric aldehydes, eugenin, isoeugenitol, isoeugenitin, eugenitin, tannin, mucilage, sitosterol, resin esti, cellulose). , pinene, oleanolic acid, & fixed oil Eugenol is the main bioactive compound of cloves.

Planting: Harvested conventionally and replanted periodically to be sustainable

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Material Source: leaf

Main Component: Eugenol

Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow

Odor: Fresh sweet green spicy

Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and oil

Good Blend: Benzoin, basil, rosewood, cinnamon, clove patchouli, cypress, ylang-ylang, frangipani, black pepper, jasmine, and lemon essential oils

Oil Origin: Indonesia

Variants: Clove Bud, Clove Steam, Clove Leaf

Downstream Products: Perfume, toothpaste mix, cooking flavoring, aromatherapy, detergent mix, incense fragrance

Volume: 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L

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Cloves or cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) are aromatic dried flower buds, leaves and stems of the Myrtaceae tree family. Cloves are native to Indonesia, widely used as a spice in spicy dishes in European countries, and as the main ingredient for Indonesian kretek cigarettes. Cloves are grown mainly in Indonesia and Madagascar; it is also cultivated in Zanzibar, India, and Sri Lanka. Cloves generally have a varied harvest season in the producing countries. This plant is the identity flora of North Maluku Province.

The Swiss medical reformer, Philip Aureolus Paracelcus in the 16th century estimated that fragrant plants get their aroma from certain compounds in them. He called it quinta essentia. This hypothesis is the key to the birth of the essential oil industry in Europe. The first production of clove oil is inseparable from the history of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. In Europe at that time lavender oil was popular, which is an essential oil which is the result of distillation of lavender flowers. Shortly thereafter with the arrival of cloves to Europe, various fragrant plants, including cloves, were distilled to obtain their oil.

Source of Material

Material Source: leaf, Oil Origin: Indonesia


Main Content



Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow Odor: Fresh sweet green spicy


Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and

Level of note

Middle note

Blend well

Benzoin, basil, rosewood, cinnamon, clove patchouli, cypress, ylang-ylang, frangipani, black pepper, jasmine, and lemon essential oil

Downstream product application

Perfume, toothpaste mix, cooking flavoring, aromatherapy, detergent mix, incense fragrance

Shelf Life

10 Years

Storage instructions

Use dark amber glass bottle and store it in a cool and dark place away from sunlight and heat.

Allergies and general precautions

General Precautions:
? We advise you to take the following precautions as a wholesale manufacturer of Clove Leaf essential oil.
? Clove leaf essential oil is concentrated in nature so it is recommended not to use the oil without diluting it with a suitable carrier oil.
? Avoid using clove leaf essential oil on sensitive areas, eyes, and mucous membranes.
? Intake should be under expert guidelines.

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