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Gudang Karanganyar

Virgin coconut oil is obtained directly from fresh coconut milk through the cold press method. 93% of this plant is found in the Asia Pacific region. White virgin coconut oil with coconut characteristics. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in oil and ethanol. In general, the benefits of virgin coconut oil are many for health, including the content of medium chain fatty acids (MCT) which functions to sharpen cognitive function of the brain, phenolic compounds and hormones found in virgin coconut oil can also prevent the aggregation of beta amyloid peptides, which are the cause. Alzheimer's; lauric acid which is known to kill harmful pathogens that cause infection, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi; The content of MCT as an energy source. Its use together with a low-carbohydrate diet can increase the blood concentration of ketone bodies, which can help reduce the incidence of seizures in children with epilepsy. MCT content also helps improve lipid digestion; Its antimicrobial properties also make this oil usable in skin care products.


The main constituents are Polyphenols


Can be mixed with other oils. Easy to apply as it melts quickly

Products that can be produced:

  1. food products
  2. pharmacy
  3. cosmetics


  1. Should not be used by pregnant women without a doctor's prescription
  2. Should not be used by people who are allergic to coconut

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