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Gudang Karanganyar

Morin oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oilefera tree or moringa seeds. Morin oil was originally cultivated in northwestern India of the Himalayas and is known as ben oil. This oil is produced by the cold press extraction method. Its properties are softening, cleansing and moisturizing. It has a pale yellow to green color and is odorless. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents.


The main constituents of this oil are oleic, palmitic and stearic


Can be mixed with other oils, the result is not sticky and warm

Products that can be produced:

Morin oil is commonly used for cosmetic ingredients, anti-aging creams, bath soaps, hair care products, deodorants and perfumes, aromatherapy and for massaging.


  1. Not recommended for pregnant women
  2. Not recommended for people allergic to nuts

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